We provide an in depth consultation with each client prior to the installation of the system. This consultation’s primary purpose is to define and “customize” all system variables to your specific operations before we arrive for installation and training.
We have found through 15 years of experience, an onsite installation and training provides the best implementation in the least amount of time. Once the system parameters and basic data files have been validated, we train you with your own data.  Once you know the "basics" additional training is available via the Internet. This combination of onsite and internet training enables more of your staff to receive formal training.

Using your own data not only makes the training more relevant for your personnel, it allows you to “test” the system to see that all parameters, pricing, taxes, etc. have been correctly installed. Any adjustments are made, if necessary, the transactional data files are cleared, and you’re ready to GO LIVE!

The transfer of knowledge is the primary objective of our training. We have found the most effective way to accomplish this is to train your KEY personnel. Then we coach the KEY personnel as they train your staff. These KEY personnel then become the contact point for continuing support.

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Installation & Training
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