FBOperational™ Fuel Management
The FBOperational™ Fuel Management System is the ultimate management tool for the service conscious Fixed Based Operator.  It provides a comprehensive financial accounting system with full operational control and visibility.

ELS Fuel Management
The ELS Fuel Management System also provides a comprehensive financial accounting system, but does not include all of the operational capabilities of the FBOperational System.

Airline Fuel Management
This module is an option available for inclusion in both our fuel management systems.  It currently tracks all airline inventories, provides billing and additional reporting.  An "operational" version of the software is currently under development.

Fuel Truck Automation

Another optional module to the FBOperational Fuel Management System is Fuel Truck Automation.  We currently have an interface with the popular truck automation equipment provided by CONTREC-USA.


The PRG Inventory Management System is a comprehensive Parts Inventory package that provides extensive control for Repair Stations, FBOs, Flight Departments and other operators.  The basic module includes Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Receiving Physical Inventory and extensive management reporting capability.  Optional modules include of Parts Sales Distribution, Repair Orders & Cores Tracking, and interface to the PRG Aircraft Maintenance Tracking System. An "operational" version of the software is currently under development.


The PRG Aircraft Maintenance Tracking System is designed for fleet operators.  This package tracks all of the inspections, rotable and expendable parts installed, airworthiness directives and service bulletins.  In addition to individual aircraft reporting, due lists, and squawk reporting, it also provides several "fleet level" reports to give maintenance management personnel more visibility of their operations. An "operational" version of the software is currently under development.

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