» Not yet ready for the PARADIGM SHIFT?

Our extensive research indicated that some FBOs just wanted a SIMPLE cost-effective system to produce sales tickets and produce entries for their accounting records.  Their primary interest was to replace their existing computer software or manual system that is
    • lacking in internal control
    • difficult to use
    • prone to pricing and other errors
    • required several hours to reconcile differences
    • requiring several hours to extract information for management reports 

The ELS Fuel Management System is an “entry level” version of the FBOperational™ Fuel Management System, and includes:
   • Touch screen functionality
   • Extensive validation, and pricing controls
   • Bar code enabled for merchandise sales & credits
   • Integrated authorization & settlement of credit card transactions
   • Internal controls and audit trails
   • Fuel inventory management
   • Extensive reporting for management and taxing authorities
The ELS Fuel Management System provides an easy path for those FBO Managers who are not yet ready for the paradigm shift, yet want the accounting integrity and internal controls for their FBO. 

Once confidence in the system is established, upgrading to the FBOperational™ Fuel Management System is EASY. Since the data structures are essentially the same, an FBO may upgrade their system with very little effort at any time in the future.

We are confident that once a client is familiar with the ELS software, they will want to explore the possibilities of enhancing their customer service capabilities and operational visibility.

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ELS Fuel Management Software
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