»Airline Fuel Management Option

Not all FBOs perform fueling for airline customers. For that reason, we offer this as an optional module to the both the FBOperational™ Fuel Management System, and the ELS Fuel Management System.

This module provides complete tracking of all Customer Fuel. All of the reporting is “transaction based”, which means you DO NOT need to prepare additional spreadsheets for reporting to the airlines.

This accounting process starts with the “designation” of Fuel Deliveries as customer fuel, and continues with the recording of into-plane fuelings, defuels, transfers and adjustments to their inventory. "Real Time" fuel balances for each customer are readily available with just a few keystrokes.

When it is time to prepare invoices for the customer, we provide extensive reporting for all the fuel activity for that customer. These reports may then be included with the invoice so that prompt payment is assured. No more holding up payment for lack of adequate information.

Over the last 15 years, we have seen quite an extensive selection of pricing methods used by FBOs to charge airline customers for their services. We have seen flat rates per month, per ticket, sliding scales, minimum charges, etc. for both the into-plane fees and in some cases the related taxes. We have yet to see a method that cannot be handled easily and efficiently by our system.

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