FBOperational™ Fuel Management (2.01D)

FBOperational™ Fuel Management System Version 2.01d is scheduled for release in December.  This latest version includes several enhancements.

New and modified reports include:

  • Sales Summary by Event Code - Recap all fuel sales for a special event (Conventions, Playoffs & Bowl Games, Air Shows, etc.)
  • Specific Product Sales by User - See which users are adding fuel discounts or other specific products
  • Catering, Hotel & Vehicle Orders by Provider - Know where you are directing those outside services and use to verify commission reports and invoices
  • Additional fields have been added to several other reports

New utility programs include:

  • Consolidation of Customer Accounts
  • Fuel Repricing Utility - Change fuel prices for all aircraft in a customer's fleet in seconds
  • Void & Recreate General Ledger Posting Files from history



We now have a library of programs available to assist us in converting data files from other systems.  We can now convert files from virtually all database formats, including MS-SQL, IBM DB2, Pervasive.SQL, Oracle, as well as ODBC compliant databases such as Microsoft Access, Excel, MySQL, Informix, Progress, Interbase, and many others. 

Conversion doesn't have to be a painful experience!


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