PRG Aviation Systems has been developing software for the aviation industry for over 20 years.  In 1990 we released the first version of the PRG Fuel Management System.  Soon after, we added an Airline Fueling Option for those FBOs that performed fueling for airline customers.  In 1991, we introduced "the FBO Concierge" to enhance an FBOs ability to service their customers.  Along the way we added several enhancements in management reporting.  All of these products were developed using a "character based" interface.

In 2001, we reviewed our previous efforts at a "graphics based" interface, and decided to take a fresh look at the FBO industry and develop a product which would be more than just another "graphics based fuel accounting system".  We spent a considerable amount of time interviewing the management of our existing and former clients. 

As the result of our research, we concluded that we needed to develop a system that would allow all FBO personnel to improve their level of customer service, better control costs, and improve margins and bottom line profits.  In addition, we needed to utilize current technology effectively, and provide expansion capabilities for the future.  With this mandate, we commenced the design of our new FBOperational software modules. 

Fuel management (Customer Service and Line Operations) is the first of our systems to incorporate this new design criterion.  Our other modules will incorporate these same methodologies.

Even though our fuel management software solutions have been helping FBOs for over 15 years, any new software release brings new challenges (installation and training issues, “bugs”, etc.). This new software has now been in place for several months at FBOs of varying sizes. These caring clients have assisted us in “seasoning” the software and making it a better package.

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FBOperational™ Fuel Management
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